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My name is Clayton James McCann. I grew up in the small town of Taos, NM. I feel very fortunate to have grown up in such a cultural wonder of the Southwest. I obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of New Mexico in political science with a minor in Mandarin Chinese. While living in Albuquerque I was a practitioner of Shao Lin kung fu and reached the level of 2nd degree black belt. Shortly after graduation I moved to Taiwan to teach English and continued my study of the Chinese culture. I traveled throughout Southeast Asia before returning home. In 2009, I moved to the city of Denver. I had always carried art with me and had taken a great interest in learning to tattoo. I’m about to hit my eight year mark of tattooing, and have been a partner-owner of Tengu Tattoo in Aurora for 4 years. My wife Angie is my greatest hero and supporter. I participate with the All Sacred Foundation in Denver, a tattoo charity event that raises proceeds to help three nonprofits in the Denver metro area. I owe a great deal of thanks to my fellow tattoo colleagues, to the community members of Aurora and the surrounding areas who have supported our shop and craft over these years. Thanks!

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