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My name is Danial Howard. I have been a professional piercer for 18 years. Before my apprenticeship, I worked as a nurse assistant for 10 years. I had a great interest in body art, and my good friend helped me get an apprenticeship at a local shop. I have always appreciated how piecing can glorify the body and give people a deeper sense of self expression. When I’m not piercing, I devote my time to my three daughters, grandson, and friends. My other happy place is life at the gym, where I spend seven days a week to keep my health in check. I love music, particularly hip hop groups like the Wutang Clan. If I weren’t a piercer, I would most certainly be a break dancer/b boy. I have been a co-owner of Tengu Tattoo for the last four years and look forward to progressing my craft and ownership. I take great pleasure in helping my clients achieve their body art ideas through piercing and I appreciate the community which supports my craft and shop. Thanks!

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